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HMT is more than Great Equipment!
For single-source convenience, Hot Melt Technologies offers you a complete line of Benchmark Hot Melt Adhesives and Sealants.

Instead of listing every hot melt formulation on the market, we only offer time tested and customer proven hot melt adhesives and sealants.  With HMT’s solid reputation and over 35 years of experience, let us help you choose the correct hot melt without “paralysis by analysis”.

Our hand-picked list of advanced hot melts includes EVAs, Metallocenes, Polyolefins (APO’s), Sealants, Butyls, Polyamides, Pressure Sensitives (PSA), and Fugitive adhesives. Each of these adhesives has been thoroughly tested; all are in use by many of our customers; and each is in stock for immediate shipment.
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Hot Melt Adhesives for Every Application

For single-source convenience, HMT provides a complete line of Benchmark Hot Melt Adhesives and Sealants. Select from a full line of advanced hot melts!

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Identifying the Best Solution for You

Whether just starting out with hot melts or seeking to upgrade your product assembly or packaging operation, Hot Melt Technologies (HMT®) offers solutions to help ensure you choose the optimum system and set-up for your application.

Oftentimes it’s as simple as a phone call to us or arranging an in-plant demonstration. In other instances, you’ll benefit from a thorough evaluation of your operation in our Adhesive & Process Test Lab. Here, we can simulate your application using your choice of adhesives, materials, and at your production speeds to measure output, usage and melt-rate requirements. This “Proof-of-Process” will identify the best system and set-up for you to achieve peak productivity.

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