Adhesive Consumption Calculations​

Adhesive Consumption Calculations

Use this chart to calculate:

  • Usage Rate – How much adhesive you will be using per hour (lbs./hour) in your assembly process.
    • Example: On your assembly, you are putting down a 3/16” bead, 10 feet long and you are building 200 assemblies per hour. 
    • Formula: .00476 lbs./Ft. X 10 Ft. = .0476 lbs. per part.  200 parts x .0476 lbs./part = approx. 10 lbs. per hour Usage Rate
  • Melt Rate – how quickly your hot melt equipment will melt your chosen hot melt must exceed your Usage Rate.
    • Example: If your Usage Rate is 10 lbs./hour, we recommend that your equipment be capable of melting at least 15 lbs. hour of your chosen adhesive.
    • Important to remember: Not all hot melts melt at the same speed.  The base polymer and the viscosity of the adhesive you use can drastically reduce the “published” melt rate capability of the dispensing equipment.
  • Melt Tank Capacity – Will determine how often you will be loading glue into your tank.