Cleaning your Hot Melt Equipment

To keep your hot melt system working efficiently, HMT recommends regularly flushing your hot melt system.  This will keep your system operating optimally year after year.   The guide below is overview of the flushing process for most hot melt systems.

Before you Begin

WARNING – Risk of personal injury or equipment damage.  Please refer to system manual before servicing the equipment.  Failure to with the safety information provided can result in personal injury, including death.

Best Practices


Suggested Equipment:

  1. Safety Glasses
  2. Heat Resistant Gloves
  3. Protective Arm Sleeves
  4. Cleaning Compound
  5. Non-metallic scraper. (Wood is recommended)
  6. Soft Bristle Brush
  7. Drain Pan



Drain adhesive from tank, hose and pump.

Fill tank with HMT recommended purge and solution.

Set temperature ot X