Filter Hot Melts

Hot melt is often the choice of bonding substance for the filter manufacturing industry.  Filters production require hot melts to have short open times to keep up with high-speed manufacturing equipment.  Additionally, the bonds formed in filters must be able to withstand high temperatures like those encountered in the automotive industry.  Below are two hot melts that have met  these needs of our customers. 

Filter Use Cases
  • End Cap Bonding
  • Pleat Seperation
  • Seam and Pleat Sealing
HMT Recommends
Product # Suggested Uses Characteristics Softening Point Viscosity Form SDS / TDS Application Temperature To Purge Chemistry
Woodworking, Cabinet & Furniture Assembly
Excellent Heat Resistance, Very Flexible
3,800 CPS @ 375°F
350ºF – 375ºF
Macroclean 204
General Assembly, Case & Carton Sealing, Filter
Very Versatile, Aggressive Tack, EVA
1,000 CPS @ 350°F
325ºF – 375ºF
Synthetic Resin

Benchmark Adhesives
High-Performance Hot Melts For Virtually Every Application. Hot Melt Technologies (HMT®) offers you more than adhesive systems. For single-source convenience, we also provide a complete line of Benchmark Hot Melt Adhesives. From simple case and carton sealing to high-performance woodworking and product-assembly operations, HMT has a Benchmark Hot Melt Adhesive that’s right for you. Select from a full line of advanced hot melts, including EVAs, polyolefins, polyamides and pressure sensitives. And if our on demand products don’t fit your exact needs, HMT will work with you to develop the right adhesive for your application.